Corporate Office

Billing address

 156 Airport Road
Reserve, Louisiana 70084 USA


 Bob Wetta

 William Wetta
Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Kevin Dolan
VP & Chief Financial Officer

Christina Bolling
VP & Chief Administrative Officer

Manufacturing Facility

Shipping Address

 172 Airport Road
Reserve, Louisiana 70084 USA

 Nicky Giarratano
Director of Production for Reserve

 Bubba Meyers
Director of Production for Poplarville

 Kyle Dellar
Shop Foreman for Greenbush


Dredge Sales
 Charles Johnson
Director of Domestic Dredge Sales
 Charles Sinunu
Director of International Dredge Sales

Part Sales
 Scott Handy & Nicol Clausen

Quality Assurance

 Chris Hunt
Director of Quality Assurance


 Damon Gonzales
Vice President of Engineering

Product Support Services

 John Lightsey
Vice President of Product Support Services


 Troy Schulz 

Human Resources

 Stephanie Rauch 
Human Resources Administrator

ERP Procurement

 Danny Howard 
Director of Procurement

Health, Safety & Environmental

 Scott Barnes 
Manager of Health, Safety, and Environmental

Information Technology

 Richard Groce 
Director of Information Technology