At DSC Dredge, we know that proper training works hand-in-hand with experience to help you operate your dredge safely, efficiently and at peak production.

Dreducation® Class

Each year, industry expert and DSC Director of Sales Charles Johnson teaches our one-day Dreducation® Class—a basic dredge operators’ training course designed to educate both industry professionals and newcomers on how to become more productive and enable them to work more efficiently. This course is designed to be hydraulic-dredge-specific—not manufacturer- or brand-specific. It explains the basic functions of each dredge type, production and maintenance goals and how to safely achieve these goals. 

In developing this class, Mr. Johnson has drawn from the years he has spent gaining knowledge about every function of every piece of equipment on a dredge. The result is a world-class dredge operator training course that provides valuable insight and instruction for dredge professionals with all levels of experience.

Surveys completed following Dreducation training show that our class is 100% recommended by participants. Participants find this class educational in the operation of dredges and feel it will help them increase productivity and efficiency in their operations!

DSC offers the Dreducation Class once a year in New Orleans in the spring between mid-March and mid-June. Accommodations are at a first-class French Quarter Hotel, and DSC acquires a special room rate for the training.

Dreducation® Class

Dredge Operator Training

DSC offers Dredge Operator Training to all new DSC dredge purchasers and to those companies that wish to train their personnel, no matter what brand of cutter suction dredge they own. The training classes are offered in various arrangements.

For the new dredge purchaser, the class can be offered at our DSC facility as a 2-day training course. The new dredge purchaser is only responsible for lodging and transportation costs for their personnel. The preliminary agenda for this training includes a day of classroom-style training on the fundamentals of dredging and understanding dredging theories, and a second day that covers the various dredge systems, lever room controls and maintenance procedures of the new DSC dredge.

As an option, DSC also offers this training at the new dredge purchaser’s site. The new dredge purchaser is only responsible for the trainer’s travel expenses, billed at actual cost, for expenses such as airfare, lodging, car rental, and meals. The onsite training is conducted in conjunction with our Field Service startup and testing. The onsite classroom training begins the day following the dredge launching, testing and troubleshooting period, and is followed by on-the-job operator training, performed by our Field Service Technician, behind the controls of the new DSC dredge.

A one-day, in-house or onsite operator training class is also offered to any company wishing to train their personnel on a fee basis. The fees for this training are included in the table on this page.

Note: Each training class DSC conducts has a flexible agenda and format that may be changed, depending on the scope and need of each training session. This ensures that the training class is tailored to fit the participants' needs. Class participants are encouraged to ask questions throughout the training process to ensure that training needs of the individual are properly addressed.

Our Training Topics page has a complete list of the subjects these classes cover. For information about current pricing and scheduling for classes, please contact us.

One-Day Basic Dredge Operator Training Class