Dreducation® from DSC Dredge means “dredge education.”

At DSC, Dreducation® describes our commitment to furthering education and training about dredges and dredging—not only for dredge owners and their crews, but also for the general advancement of the industry.

Fact: Every dredging application is different, and every dredge operator works under unique conditions. It’s these variables that create your dredge’s own unique story. As a leader in the field of customized dredging solutions for special applications, we understand the unique characteristics of these applications, and we openly share our expertise with many industry-related organizations. 

What are some examples of DSC's contributions to Dreducation?

  • Small Hydraulic Dredges course, presented annually at the Texas A&M Dredging Engineering Short Course, by DSC Vice President of Product Development Bill Wetta, P.E.
  • Yearly presentations at the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) Annual Conference by DSC President Bob Wetta and DSC Director of Sales Charles Johnson
  • Onsite training in operation and maintenance at the point of dredge commissioning and startup, by DSC’s experienced and knowledgeable field technicians
  • Company-specific, on-location classroom training by Bob Wetta, Bill Wetta and DSC Director of Sales Charles Johnson
  • Annual DSC Dreducation Class—basic dredge operators’ training course that is hydraulic-dredge-specific, versus manufacturer- or brand-specific

Surveys completed following Dreducation training show that our class is 100% recommended by participants. Additionally, 85% of participants feel this class will help them increase productivity and efficiency in their operations!

For information about upcoming industry training opportunities, on-location classes and the next DSC Dreducation Class in New Orleans, please contact us.