DSC also offers automation packages for booster control, dredge and plant integration, remote data access and any other custom design you may desire. Our electronics are designed to provide the ease of operation, furnish powerful management tools, simplify maintenance and facilitate troubleshooting dredge and production problems. Controls that work automatically to create a consistent flow help to lower operational costs. Automated controls also save on fuel and allow for better and more consistent production—with increases often reaching 30 to 40%.

DSC creates dredge control systems that automatically oversee all operation, eliminating the need for the operator to monitor complex tasks, which allows him to focus solely on dredge production. Controls can slow or speed up water flow to match conditions. Additionally, if the system senses a problem, it will communicate a clear message along with suggestions to correct the issue. Automated systems also can be programmed to inform the operator of ways to improve production.

DSC's in-house Automation department designs custom packages that can be added to any dredge—new or used. In fact, the most cost-effective way to update an older dredge is to add an automation package.

Available Dredge Automation Systems


DSC Dredge Optional Dredge Controls

August 5, 2013

In 2012, the Loup Power District commissioned its new electric-powered DSC dustpan dredge, the Pawnee II, and retired the dredge it had been using for the past 75 years. As you can imagine, technology had advanced significantly since the early days of the original Pawnee, allowing the crew modern amenities and computer-based technology.

April 30, 2009

DSC is proud to announce the launch of a new 22-inch x 20-inch Custom Electric Marlin class, self-propelled, hydraulic cutter-suction dredge at Arkhola Sand and Gravel’s operation in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The technologically advanced barge-loading dredge was designed so that it could be integrated into Arkhola’s existing processing plant, while drastically increasing their overall efficiency. The new dredge will maximize production and allow for a continuous operation with no operational downtime.