DSC Dredge Holds The Safety Of Its Employees and
The Safety Of Others In The Highest Regard.

The traditional approach to safety in industry has focused primarily on addressing physical hazards of the job. But our approach is a little more comprehensive, as opposed to only addressing basic preventative measures. New company-wide best practices target human behavior as the key to improving safety, not only for oneself, but also for fellow workers and any others present.

Over the years, DSC Dredge has continually reinforced a corporate culture of safety within its three facilities by involving all employees in safety programs, performing scheduled safety meetings and rolling out new initiatives that focus on minimizing risk for jobsite-related injuries. For instance, DSC Dredge’s Safety Observation Program enables all employees to document actions for observed safe behavior, unsafe behavior and near-miss incidents. Employees fill out forms based on the category and action taken, empowering them to assess each situation and ensure that the proper follow-up or action is taken.

Safety, Production, and Quality

Stand Down For Safety

DSC Dredge conducts annual Safety Stand-Down Days at each of its facilities. During this event, operations are suspended for an entire day which allows the focus to be placed solely on safety training. In addition to covering annually required OSHA (the U.S. government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration) training topics, the purpose of the Safety Stand-Down Day is to involve every employee in taking responsibility for their safety and that of others.

DSC Stand Down For Safety